Flore Lotion excellent revitalising and restructuring agent for all types of coat. Polishing and protective. Unique and exceptional product for revitalising and restructuring coats. On dry or wet hair, it restores life to coats, making them soft, shiny and fragrant, without greasing.

It makes the skin elastic, restoring the hydrolipidic coat.
- Gives shine and vitality to dull and dehydrated coats.
- Antistatic
- UV protection
- Can be used on both dry and wet coats
- Greatly reduces drying time
- Prevents knots and felting
- Natural repellent
- Excellent knot dissolver
- For all coats types

HOW TO USE: Apply a few drops in the palm of the hand and massage into dry or damp coat. Use daily. Do not rinse off.




Bottle 50ml  bottle 250ml

DIONISIO Ear Cleaner

DIONISIO Ear Cleaner is a concentrate of pure oils for cleansing the ear for cleansing the auricle, enriched with orange and lemon extracts with alkalising and refreshing properties. It contains vegetable oils for a complete sanitising effect. Cleanses, refreshes and relieves any irritating anomalies of the ear canal. Facilitates the elimination of excess earwax.

HOW TO USE: Moisten a gauze pad with the product and gently and thoroughly clean the pinna and the ear canal, then remove it with a gauze moistened with water.

Bottle 100ml - Bottle 250ml

CHLOE' Eye Cleaner

A periocular lotion with a very high concentration of plant extracts that can be used around the eye due to its composition. Recommended for all dog and cat breeds. It is a natural cleanser specially designed to cleanse the eye area and soften the reddish halo of the tear duct. It acts very gently thanks to the calming and soothing action of plant extracts and is composed of surfactants with a marked softening action.

Active ingredients:

1- Chamomile extract: emollient and softening action, for sensitive skin and dry, dehydrated hair.

dehydrated hair.

2- Sodium cocoamphoacetate: mild surfactant with a natural base


Regular use relieves tearing and reduces the reddish haloes that form in the ocular duct. Sanitises the eye contour and alleviates tearing. Recommended for all dog and cat breeds. The product is not an eye drops.


Cleanse the eye area with Chloe using gauze or a cotton pad, repeat daily for perfect hygiene and a better appearance.

Bottle 100ml - Bottle 250ml

STARDUST Stripping powder

It is a very fine powder specially created for professional stripping use. It helps to easily remove hair growing in the dog's ear.
Stardust stripping powder, thanks to its special composition, is particularly suitable for stripping operations, especially in those more difficult areas such as ears, cheeks and hindquarters.
Directions for use:
Apply the product to the desired areas massaging carefully to facilitate the grip, then proceed with the help of thumb and forefinger or a stripping knife to the removal.

For all breeds requiring stripping treatment.

20 g bottle.